Saturday, 8 January 2011

Yoga Practise

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 11:46 pm
During the weeks, nay months I haven't been watching my weight my back has started to ache with spasms. Crazy given how much I really love yoga. I thought I'd get back to some weekly yoga. As I can no longer afford the gym I resorted to one of many Yoga dvds which I have. The one i chose was gentle in my memory. But how heavy my limbs are, how hard it was to maintain those positions.

Exercise is a bit like learning a language. It seems impossible at first to ever be fluent. I'm not beating myself up that Scots Gaelic seems alien to me this year, so why should I berate myself for finding exercise hard? It will get easier and there will be challenges.

My stomach really got in the way of my postures this time, It also restricted my breathing. But at the end of the session. I feel vibrant and looking forward to growing strength. Why did I ignore what I love? 

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Marilee on 9/1/11 3:28 am said...

Sometimes I wonder why I put off feeling good too, but here you are back doing yoga again! Good for you.

Beth @ Kitchen Minions on 9/1/11 9:18 pm said...

Yay for going back to yoga! I totally agree that I can forget way too easily to do whats good for me. Yay for you for remembering!

The Shrinking Vegetarian on 10/1/11 4:41 am said...

Sounds like a great session. I must try yoga myself one of these days.


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