Sunday, 23 January 2011


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Struggling this week. Food is difficult, especially avoiding snacks.

Went into the city today for a regular activity, on the way home one of three boys around 17, shouted out "cream cakes" at me. I am fed up of people thinking they can abuse me in the street. So I gave them back as good as i got.
"Please come over here and say that to my face."
"Cream Cakes," screamed the lad again. I gave chase, and crossed the road.
"Watch out she's going to eat you," said one lad. "Sausage rolls."
"Why do you think its okay to abuse people in the street" I screamed.
They went into a shop, I followed them and bellowed after them, "abusing people is not right." I could see people looking at me. I didn't care. For once I had my say.


Monday, 17 January 2011


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I was surprised to find I've lost 13lbs this week. I'm worried the scales are way off track, which is the most reliable explanation for this. Yes I have been mostly good, but that much weight loss is a near miracle.
On the dating site I got hit by a person with issues. They left a message saying, " you are foul". This didn't bother me at first but it did knock my self esteem.

On reflection with a friend, I do tend to just throw anything on and let my hair hang loose. She kindly suggested I try make up and get my eyebrows trimmed as a way of making my esteem feel better. So I thought I'd give it a whirl. Both my eyebrows were threaded today, booked the dentist, opticians and bought some new makeup. Sadly my hairdresser, whom i see once a week has broken wrists so I'm going to have to see a new hairdresser on Friday. I'm going to go way way shorter. Hopefully the hair loss will count on the scales and the improvement in my self esteem will be drastic.

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