Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Foot Forward

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 2:20 pm
I've signed up with an online slimming group. So that I'm accountable for my weight each week. I was quite excited by the whole plan of eating. I was at my parents and mum followed one of the recipes for Moussaka, a low fat version. It was crying out for moisture and well, fat. My taste buds are going to have to adjust to this kind of eating, which leaves my mouth a little dry.

 On the exercise front, I have been up to town and bought a pedometer, so i can track my steps per day. Its a lovely looking sturdy thing, which will become my constant companion, no doubt. The skies are sunnier today and luring me out again. I might just make it though yoga is calling me too. I feel quite in the mood for downward dog.

The dating site is a total disaster. One of the fellow daters posted a message up saying he'd rather date a mild racist that a fatty. Incredible! Part of me wants to stay fat and try to tackle this prejudice. People get so angry about other people's bodies. I think I'll close down the profile. It was partly an experiment to see who'd respond to my not so flattering pictures...

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The Shrinking Vegetarian on 11/1/11 10:19 pm said...

Good for you with the online slimming group - they are an invaluable tool. The food does take some getting used to, but once you are used to it the old stuff will taste awful.

As for the dating site, that guy is a jerk. I used online dating and met some amazing people. A lot of people are interested in who you are and not what you look like so stick with it.

spunkysuzi on 12/1/11 1:48 pm said...

:) He really does look like Snuffy must be a long lost brother by another mother!!
Yoga, that is one thing i need to start again.


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