Monday, 17 January 2011


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 7:13 pm
I was surprised to find I've lost 13lbs this week. I'm worried the scales are way off track, which is the most reliable explanation for this. Yes I have been mostly good, but that much weight loss is a near miracle.
On the dating site I got hit by a person with issues. They left a message saying, " you are foul". This didn't bother me at first but it did knock my self esteem.

On reflection with a friend, I do tend to just throw anything on and let my hair hang loose. She kindly suggested I try make up and get my eyebrows trimmed as a way of making my esteem feel better. So I thought I'd give it a whirl. Both my eyebrows were threaded today, booked the dentist, opticians and bought some new makeup. Sadly my hairdresser, whom i see once a week has broken wrists so I'm going to have to see a new hairdresser on Friday. I'm going to go way way shorter. Hopefully the hair loss will count on the scales and the improvement in my self esteem will be drastic.

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MichellesJourney on 17/1/11 8:03 pm said...

Hi Congrats on your weight loss! If you do not see the scale move at times do not stress about it! Put on your favorite jeans every friday and that will be your TRUE indicator of your progress


Marilee on 17/1/11 8:07 pm said...

Wow! What a great loss this week! Good for you. My sis told me that to help herself feel good, she tries to remember to wear earrings every day. Just that small thing perks her right up. I tried it. It helps me too. It's those small, caring things we do for ourselves that really add up.

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is my first time reading your blog and what an entry to come in on... 13 lbs!!!! What in the world!!! That's amazing! Well done you!

And don't let some random jackal on a website who calls you a name like a 4 year old child get your self esteem down. When I clicked to your site I saw your picture and nothing near the word "foul" popped into my mind.

That said, I ALWAYS feel better when I outwardly take care of my appearance so I think your friends suggestions are right on target! When I feel that I look good, I carry myself better, I make better choices and I just all around feel better.

I look forward to reading about your journey. I'm also going to add you to my blog roll as I've had seveal weight loss blogs drop out recently.

Good luck to you!

Beth @ Kitchen Minions on 17/1/11 9:29 pm said...

That's great weight loss! Congrats. I tried eyebrow threading once, OUCH! Go you for being able of withstanding the pain of that AND the dentist :)

Lou on 18/1/11 3:27 am said...

Far out that's an awesome number! God some people are foul themselves. Great idea with the eyebrows etc. I know I always feel my worst when I'm mooching around the house without a bra on - amazing how much better I feel with the girls well supported lol.

Camilla on 9/2/11 9:05 pm said...

Well done you! Don't let them get you down! I think 13 lbs is lots to lose, so congrats :)


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