Monday, 19 July 2010


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 1:39 pm
I'm smiliing sardonically today as I have managed to loose 0.2 pounds in a week. It's not a major victory in the weight loss goals but i'm happy because it's going down. This week was about stopping the in between cravings and i've started to do that. There were a couple of really bad days where poor planning really let me down. I've been there before.

I think I need to talk about my motivation. I'm 37 and I really want a baby. There's no reason why I shouldn't get pregnant other than my weight which doesn't help in the fertility stakes. I need to drop so much weight so I can realise my goal. It's something I need to affirm here. That's the ultimate purpose of the weight loss. I need also to be eating a healthier diet.

I was at the hairdressers on Wednesday night. She commented on how much thicker and healthier my hair was. No doubt the months of eating better on my diet had contributed to the thicker more radiant hair. I won't mention the hairdressers anymore- I had the junior colour my hair and it's not as great as i'd hoped it would be.

This week I need to sort out the gym membership and get the ball rolling again on the cv work so that I can feel better than I do in the afternoons. My current tablets make me woosy and I often have to doze like a ninety year old, I'm thinking cv work will wake me up a bit.

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Amy on 19/7/10 2:48 pm said...

Hi Violet!!! I love that you are back in the saddle again!! Woot woot!

Looking forward to watching you shrink! Big hug and a high five on the .2 loss! A loss is a loss, chicka!


Lou on 19/7/10 9:39 pm said...

Double Yay for the loss! Down is still down :)

Staci Dombroski on 27/7/10 5:22 pm said...

Way to go on the loss!!! Keep it up :)


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