Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 11:44 am
Cravings are like itching- you just feel you have to snack. It's already tough and I've given in once yesterday and once today. Bad food choices do nothing for a person. No one said it's an easy process though.

I always find that its either the first few days of a regime or those long days of no weight loss that are the hardest. My body is fighting me for sugar and junk although part of me is sighing a relief that I'm putting in some whole food- it's like chemical warfare for a few days within my own body.

I don't feel good I had a small cake bar because I know it makes the sugar levels play up and down. I guess I have to ease into the old ways again. Last night before I slept I only then recalled that what I used to work on was three meals and three fruit mostly snacks. Yesterday had I stocked up with fruit i'd have been laughing. Instead I wanted something sweet with my tea, like i would do at the hospital. Habits are there without you really knowing. I am in the re-education phase and my body is either willful or very misguided.

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Lou on 15/7/10 3:22 am said...

Totally agree with the first few days being the hardest....the tummy rumbles, it's so tempting to have 'just one' which we all know is one too bloody many. Yay for fruit and mini packs of rice crackers!


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