Monday, 12 July 2010

Fighting Talk

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:13 pm
I'm back on the watching my body track. It's been some months. I need to briefly account for my massive weight regain and explain where I've been. This will take a few sentences.

Since March I have been in hospital again twice and subsisting on food that was easy not to deny and have taken zero exercise. The gym membership has been cancelled by my folks in my absence. My body is full of drugs and sugar and fat and is sluggish again. I feel terrible which reminds me why I was watching everything I put in my body in the weeks to the end of March. I know I can loose weight and I will do again as a necessity. I will not whip myself with guilt about gaining most of my weight back to December but will remind myself it's an ongoing process and that society and community really do affect weight immensely. Feeling sorry for myself is not a good enough excuse for eating hospital pastries but then again once you start its like a hypnotic drug that you scream for replenishment. I will store this feeling horrendous feeling and reuse as motivation later.

Getting on the scales was difficult but I did it. And I'm glad I'm back. Now let's see what you've been upto...

2 delightful comment/s:

Enz on 12/7/10 9:18 pm said...

Hugs to you and welcome back :)

Lou on 13/7/10 2:36 am said...

Awesome to see you back :), but sorry to hear you've been unwell :(. I've only been back for a couple of weeks myself, starting back at October weight again. Never mind. Better than not re starting at all so well done us!


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