Saturday, 27 March 2010

Why I have been Away

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 10:29 am
It is so good to be finally back in the computer room typing to you folks again. I have news and a very valid reason for my disappearance of late.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to end my relationship with the most wonderful mr boyfriend. The reasons are as complex as hell and I won't be divulging them here. We are currently re adjusting our relationship into a friendship as we both think each other as cool as well you think of an analogy....So I'm technically single again but it's complex as it always is.

Then I fell ill and ended up in hospital for a week. It had been building a little bit before then. I was forced into a food situation where there was no brown bread in hospital no fruit and tons of stodge at every corner. I gave in and ate as I pleased, there being little else giving much pleasure....  I met some lovely folk in hospital and it wasn't as gloomy as it sounds if only the food had been better!

I'm giving myself till monday to slowly ween myself off the sugar nasties. It's weigh in on Sunday as usual and there will no doubt be a gain. Gym routine begins in earnest on Monday and i'll be here reporting as usual. It's such a good thing I see this as a life changing thing or i might have gone for ever!

On a sad note i walked past a pub enterance yesterday where two men were outside smoking in the town centre. One says to me "ok bird" which i thought random and sweet until he added "seasame street and all that" it didn't take long to put two and two together that he was calling me big bird the prick. I walked away and replied in a very monotone and bored voice "yeah hilarious". I was so angry when I got back to my car that I wanted to drive past the car wave him over and get him to explain his downright sodding rudeness. But I  guess there's no debating with the rudeness of people with issues, and he clearly had many if he could insult a stranger in the street! What a prick!

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Enz on 27/3/10 1:46 pm said...

Welcome back, I hope you have recovered from your illness.

Isn't it odd that hospitals have the least healthiest food? There's a reality show in there somewhere, I'm sure....

Take care of you, and looking forward to your posts.

Jer on 27/3/10 4:43 pm said...

People are so messed up- I would have hit him for you. I'm glad to see that you're back. You'll be on the losing end again soon. :)

Stay healthy!

Amy on 27/3/10 5:35 pm said...

Ah sweet Violet!!! ((big hugs)))

Matters of the heart are so hard, and totally complicated.. so sorry to hear of your breakup... and your sickies! So so so sorry!

Praying for you, sweetie!!

Hugs.. Amy

Beth @ fatbustermack on 27/3/10 10:00 pm said...

Welcome back! I'm so sorry that you've had such a rough go of it lately, Here's to better days ahead!


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