Sunday, 28 March 2010

Unexpected Miracles

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 11:01 am
Scale day today. I knew it had to happen all week and there was that unease of knowing that what the body puts in you have to pay for eventually!

Scale reading showed a weight loss. Not a large one I grant you but a damned loss after weeks of stactic and well food abuse. I'm regarding it as a miracle and and thanking every diet fairy known to mankind. It will make me skip to the gym tomorrow with a lighter heart. All I can think of is that it must be muscle wastage! Still the things that happen on this journey surprise the hell out of me. Who'ld have thought it!

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spunkysuzi on 28/3/10 2:53 pm said...

Some times the weight loss fairy come through :) Congrats!

Lisa on 28/3/10 4:58 pm said...

I'm so glad that something good came out of a hard several weeks for you.

Big hugs,

Amy on 28/3/10 5:20 pm said...

Yay!!!! So so glad for that, V!!

So so glad!

Kylie on 28/3/10 10:10 pm said...

Accept it and move forwards. You deserve it.

Enz on 29/3/10 1:24 am said...

Have a great day at the gym!

Jer on 30/3/10 2:45 am said...

Check out my blog- I left you an award :)

Katie J on 31/3/10 4:46 pm said...

I have been thinking about you and hoped that everything was okay with you. Sorry about the BF issues and I am glad you showed a loss. I am going the wrong way on the scale.


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