Saturday, 6 February 2010

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 5:30 pm
What with second rate plays to watch, cars to fix blood to be taken and shops to be visited I've managed to let my blog slip this week. Plus I haven't done a tap of gym work Monday- Friday. This matter was firmly taken in hand today when I did a dose of yoga, 45 minutes round the gym and an hours walk in the open air. My legs will be cursing me tomorrow but at least I could eat my salsa and crackers with a joyful heart.

I also did 20 minutes of budget shopping for clothes today. I found an amazing light pink light weight jacket perfect for everything outdoors. It was the size I was at Christmas and it bloody well did not fit. Even if I had padded out the coat with very very thick jumpers it would still be too lose for me. The fact that clothes are too large for me is a revelation and a disappointment. Now the designers will get all inventive with their fat range (Unlikely- but you never know) of clothes and I will be excluded from them! I was left staggering round the plus sized rail in a moment of size panic. What size am I? I'm not used to shrinking- it feels weird.

Plus whilst in confessional mode I had a moment of yoga envy today when we started on a set of three yoga moves. The bridge no problem, the next adjustment was slightly awkward but I managed it and then onto the wheel, or as I used to know it as a child as the crab. This is where the arms support the head as it goes up and hangs backwards whilst the thighs are thrust upwards skyward. I along with half the class sat and watched as the other half braved their weight and spines to roll into this once easy to perform move. I think I'll practise it covertly the next time I do yoga at home so that one day I can look like a sodding wheel.

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Staci Dombroski on 8/2/10 5:01 pm said...

I hope you have a wonderful week! Keep up the good work!


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