Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Dietician's again.

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 11:01 pm
Another early start again as I visited the dietician's again. Visited a different lady today who was still delighted at my weight loss. We discussed my current plan of eating and then discussed portion sizes etc. Portion sizes were an important factor as I'm not sure what a real meal should actually look like. I was recommended the smaller plate routine.

Whilst there I confessed to beginning to grow tired of my snack of low fat crackers and very low fat cream cheese in addition to the fruit output of Europe that i'm consuming. She responded by giving me a couple of alternatives but was struggling to think of items. I prompted low fat hummous: she suggested celery, yogurt and salsa. I set her straight -celery being the devil's vegetable.  I have to record my food for my next visit in a few months so she can look at the calories it contains. I am very uninspired by this as so far I haven't had to weigh my food out like a lab rat. The prospect is a little depressing. 

I have started to look at charity walks that I can take myself and lover lover man on around the area in the summer. There are quite a few that look good sadly they have an entry fee, which only covers admin costs. I have slacked off the exercise for two days, if you exclude romantic hugging and window shopping so I'm hoping for a double whammy in the gym tomorrow- yoga and an intense cv work out that will have the sweat pouring off me whilst my car is worked on by skilled men in blue overalls to make it live just that little bit longer.

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Katie J on 2/2/10 11:51 pm said...

I got a chart online and put it on my fridge so every time I prepare a meal or snack I can refer to it.

I thought about weighing my food but like you I think it is kinda depressing.

Staci Dombroski on 3/2/10 1:06 am said...

I like the idea of the romantic hugging! That sounds so sweet :-)

MackAttack on 3/2/10 3:54 am said...

weighin and measuring makes all the difference. I thought it would be annoying but it really makes a HUGE difference.

TheLosingAmerican on 3/2/10 12:17 pm said...

I always used to measure out and weigh my food, BUT, after a while I just knew what a single serving of cereal, rice, meat, etc etc. looked like, so I didn't have to continue doing it. It really does help, but, agree, it is indeed annoying at first. Don't let it discourage you :-)

Lou on 3/2/10 10:59 pm said...

You are doing so well - your numbers are rocking! Made me chuckle as always, keep it up :)


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