Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Getting Over Myself

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:08 pm
You will no doubt be glad to hear that yesterday I managed to finally get over myself. I did go to the gym like a recalcitrant snail and sat on the recumbent bike for a while and sulked whilst i sorted out my water bottle and mps player. I moved my legs unwillingly and my body responded by being more bored than I could ever imagine. I then hoofed on over to the cross trainer and I felt my mood softening. After 30 minutes of pounding the machines I thought I could actually be enjoying this again and continued to do my full work out. Love those endorphins!

When I came home I had a lovely encouraging message from Alexia encouraging me to join Project 365's challenge- " I'm worth more" which is a lovely brief move away from the scales to appreciate all those positive things we do do in a week to obtain a healthier life style. Both women have wonderul sites and if you are unfamiliar go visit them NOW...

Today was my extended yoga class- it's the best of the week. The instructor is great. Today she brought in her own essential oil mat deoderant for us all to use, so we started off the class in a haze of cinnamon, lavender and bergamot. You really do feel like you have worked the muscles when you come out of her classes but feel secure that she has made all the moves perfectly safe. I was in near exstacy today as we had to sit back on our heels to do the shoulder stretches. It's not a position I feel comfortable with but my arse actually met my heel briefly- I am building flexibility in that region and it's terrifically exciting that my body is responding and budding. 

Thanks to all of you who left me encouraging messages in my mood dip, it gave me quite a kick!

6 delightful comment/s:

Enz on 16/2/10 3:31 pm said...

Glad you are back to yourself!

Tricia on 16/2/10 4:13 pm said...

happy to hear youre feeling positive!

Beth on 16/2/10 7:16 pm said...

This post made me smile and giggle!

Alexia on 16/2/10 7:21 pm said...

Yayyy for yoga!

Marilee on 16/2/10 8:06 pm said...

Oh, you are a delight!

Missa on 17/2/10 2:25 am said...

Someone told me/ I read once that you should do a 5 minute rule. Get on the bike/elliptical/treadmill for five minutes and assess if you can continue. This way, you are always giving yourself 5. Not a bad way to do it.



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