Friday, 15 January 2010


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Wednesday was a brilliant day mostly. I went with my mother to a dress shop in the neighbouring town and we tried a few things on. My size was missing from the rack but they had the next size down. What the hell I thought I'll try a couple of things. They bloody well fit! Albeit slightly snuggly on the breast area. Unusually for a british shop I was brought other next size down clothes to try on by the staff and they magically fit too. The lady picked a coat up off the hanger and it looked great. Shame I already have two perfectly adequate winter coats and i'm shrinking or I might have been tempted to buy. My coats are fitting well and I have commandeered an old dressing gown of my mother's too.

Well being had been established earlier on in the day I attended a yoga session where the instructor was fabulous, she came right upto me and talked to me about any injuries etc I might have, instead of bellowing across the room. She is truly adoreable, even though she worked my legs and digestive system with alacrity.

Today I headed out with him and we went to a coffee bar near home. I fell for the vanilla caramel coffee with erm cream. Fortunately I hadn't eaten lunch at that point so I counted the coffee as a small meal! Watched him eat 2 chocolate biscuits with a sense of curiosity rather than a desire.

I have found that my junk food snobbism is getting worse and in the local supermarket I continue to eye up what people buy and I catalogue the food into two: good foods and junk. It's quite a fun way of spending time at the tills. (For the record, I never eye up the people- just the food choices on the belt) junk good junk junk good junk good. I have always had a fascination with other people's shopping baskets. I sometimes like to see what they are planning to do- night in with the tv and beer or meal for one etc. I also try to imagine the menus they are creating from this food. I sometimes ask myself if I would like to go round to their place for dinner... actually can I confess that I ask this question of every basket I look into.

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Lou on 15/1/10 3:07 am said...

I think that's what they call a 'non scale victory' isn't it? ;-) Well done chook - confess that I also spend an inappropriate amount of time looking in other folks trolleys and wondering what's for dinner, great to hear I'm not alone!

Enz on 15/1/10 3:09 am said...

Definitely a non scale victory :)

I do the same thing at the grocery store, and sometimes change my mind about my own dinner when I see something better!

Alexia on 15/1/10 3:39 am said...

Him...oh la la. Yeah, I totally get junk food snobbery, too! It's understandable.

Lisa on 15/1/10 5:30 am said...

A victory is a victory, so well done! :)

I do the same thing -- look at what people are buying at the grocery store. And try not to judge them for it. LOL

Have a great Friday!

Staci Dombroski on 15/1/10 1:48 pm said...

That is awesome about the clothes! I hope you have a great weekend!

Katie J on 15/1/10 6:27 pm said...

I do the same thing at the grocery store! I wonder if the cashiers do it too?

Dreaming of the New Me on 16/1/10 6:26 am said...

I have given you a Blog award. You can check it out on my latest post! Congrats!

Kylie on 16/1/10 2:23 pm said...

I have given you a Blog award. You can check it out on my latest post! Congrats!

MackAttack on 17/1/10 4:25 am said...

I totally judge people's carts too! When I was low carbing I'd get bitter and jealous, now I just wonder why they are feeding their children that crap. Also OMG! GREAT JOB on the new sizes!!!!!!!! Go you!


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