Saturday, 16 January 2010


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Before I begin with reports of my life I have to say a great big thank you to both Dreaming Of a New Me and Kylie's Curiosities who both mannaged to award me a beautiful blogger award. I think it's fabulous news and the only thing i've won in a very long time; as a result I am grinning and blushing in equal measures. I will name my 7 chosen soon enough and list 7 things about me shortly when I have had time to think a little about them first.

 Confession: I dived into a pot of unctuous chocolate today. The colour was deep and intense, the texture glossy. Have I fallen off my drive forward? Have I compromised my desire to avoid sugary junk? No: today is beauty day, my little chocolate indulgence is a glossy nail varnish in a Cadbury shade. I'm rediscovering femininity bit by bit. I won't wax lyrical about potions and lotions here but I am thoroughly enjoying the hunt for the perfect shade of lip gloss. 

Life is falling into a little routine of disappearing to the gym for yoga or a cv work out or as yesterday attested both. I'm drinking gallons of water and am sweating it out like steam off a hot meat pie. I float from machine to machine and I leave the gym in a little musical bubble. I feel absolutely fantastic after a session it's like lightness and flexibility combined, my skin glows pink with exhertion and I can breathe so much more easily when I head out into the open.

My gym kit leaves little to be desired. My grey trousers are short on the ankle, the black trousers have a rip at the waist to the pocket,  my teeshirts unflattering and my trainers from the clothing section of a supermarket slightly risable. I'm dreaming of the day when I can wear one of those shoulder and arm exposing short gym vests in bright colours, tight lycra short things and have to invest in running shoes. All in good time, my dear...first I will enjoy revelling in the delight of bagginess for a little longer, whilst hints of sexy chocolate toes poke out on the yoga mat.

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Enz on 16/1/10 8:52 pm said...

You are triply beautiful, I left you this award on my blog this week too :)

Alexia on 16/1/10 10:30 pm said...

I love your writing. Congrats on the awards!

Kylie on 16/1/10 10:56 pm said...

Congrats on the awards, your blog is fantastic and more than worthy. :)

I am so glad you are enjoying the gym and yoga. It makes it so much easier when there is true enjoyment there.

And YAY for discovering your femininity again. I sometimes wish I was more girly. I used to be. Maybe I should just "become" a girly girl again.


Staci Dombroski on 17/1/10 2:17 am said...

Congratulations on the awards! You are awesome! I hope that you are having a great weekend!

MackAttack on 17/1/10 4:23 am said...

Beauty day is THE BEST. Totally better than fleeting chocolates!


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