Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Sighing Deeply

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:52 pm
I can't pysically get to the gym as it's been snowing continuously hard since I reluctantly left lover boy's pad last night. The car is deep in a drift and the snow has fallen over thick ice. Fortuitously I brought over my thinner yoga mat to my parents last night which means I can set up a little yoga studio of my own. Pre planning I love you!

Lunch was home made guacamole. My mother blanched at the fat content but I'm not going to sneer at the advocado; it's packed full of nutrients. Life is to short to worry about the fat content of a vegetable/fruit when that is your main ingredient!

Last night I was lucky enough to have figs that I found in a rather fabulous italian style deli. I had two pounds in my purse and so spent them wisely. The fruit was baked to creamy perfection, the juice the sweetest and stickiest concoction ever so subtle yet flavourful. If I had to compose a last supper figs would be amongst the food on the table.

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Amanda on 5/1/10 1:07 pm said...

Figs are a superfood! As are avocados, in my never-to-be-humble-opinion.

You are doing great :-)

Amy on 5/1/10 2:07 pm said...

mmmmm, I love the fig!! So so tastey!

Fantastic dessert for sure!

So so wonderful to come across your blog, Stella! I love your heart, and am praying for you as your journey towards your goal!

Hugs.. Amy

Kat on 6/1/10 12:34 am said...

I love figs and avocados too. I snacked on a couple of dried figs last night and they were so tasty and satisfying. I am really working on increasing the fruits and vegetables in my diet. I hope you had a nice yoga workout in your "studio"

Tricia on 6/1/10 2:07 am said...

Yum, the figs sound great. And I'm a huge avacado fan. Delish!

MackAttack on 6/1/10 2:13 am said...

I want to try figs! So jealous! The guac sounds delicious too.

Clementine on 8/1/10 5:32 am said...

Avocados are so good for you, and that includes those monounsaturated fats! And figs...! Mmmm. I live in an area where there are thousands of wild fig trees. Figs have two seasons so I get to go on adventures twice a year to pick some for drying and making into jam. Man, now I really want a fig.


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