Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 7:44 pm
I'm officially aching. No its not the evil gym instructor or the yoga lady who wanted to bend my legs where they didn't want to go- I have a cold. I've been in bed all day. Feeding the cold with good stuff and sleeping. Catch you all when i'm feeling better.

4 delightful comment/s:

Amy on 6/1/10 8:12 pm said...

Oooooh stinky cold!

(((hugs))) wish I could bring ya some chicken soup..

Feel better soon soon!

hugs.. Amy

MackAttack on 7/1/10 3:15 am said...

get better soon! Sorry you are so achey!

Dreaming of the New Me on 7/1/10 5:48 am said...

Oh that isn't good at all. Hugs to you and hope you get better real soon.

Marilee on 7/1/10 9:03 pm said...

Saw on news that you have lots of snow all over the countryside, and it's colder than usual. Brrr. Hope you are feeling better soon.


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