Saturday, 9 January 2010

Recovery partially

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 8:34 pm
I'm feeling better today but I'm still not able to run upstairs. I think I will have a day of total rest tomorrow. Ironic really as the gym rang up to say they were having an open house and I could use the gym for free all weekend! Too bad i'll have to pay on Monday. Still it's worth it.

This is the day that I discovered adding  fresh lemon and fresh lime and their zest to water for a great way to jazz up tap water!  It was also the day I went to town on my spa day at home and gave myself a million beauty treats. My toes are now in a zingy pink shade called "love" and I am attacking years of hard skin.

Mum has been experimenting making low calorie mousse with low fat cottage cheese, low sugar jelly and low fat yogurt. Infact she's been cooking all day. There is hot leek and potato soup on her hob as a grab it when you want it snack. Now its my father who looks to have dodgy food habits at their place.

I have continued listing weight loss treats for myself and most seem to envolve visiting places or beauty treatments! The man in my life texted me last night to confirm that he had booked us seats down to London in February. I'm brimming with desire to see how my London has changed as I was a student there for 3 years and have fond memories of day trips since then down to the capital. What will be really great fun is planning out the day, researching places to go that we are unfamiliar with. The only place that is down as an essential is a trip to Neal's Yard dairy to buy the best of cheese on offer in the UK. The place is tiny, reeks of cheese odours and the staff insist you try everything before you buy exactly what you are happy with- bliss! 

5 delightful comment/s:

Amanda on 10/1/10 12:16 am said...

You make me want to visit London :-)

Lisa on 10/1/10 12:59 am said...

I love Leek & Potato Soup! YUMMY!! :)

London is on my wishlist of places to visit as well...sooner than later, I hope.

Enz on 10/1/10 3:46 am said...

Glad you are on the road to recovery, if not the stairway to recovery :)

Dreaming of the New Me on 10/1/10 4:59 am said...

I have never visited London but want to.

It is hard being sick isn't it. Pity you missed out on the weekend gym being free. They might have another free weekend one day do you think.

MackAttack on 13/1/10 3:34 am said...

awww feel better!


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