Sunday, 3 January 2010

One Pound

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:16 pm
I'm looking at my loss a little sadly. Yes it's a loss yes its in the safe range for weekly weight loss. Yes it's only been 5 days since I weighed myself but given my new gym regime its a tad disappointing. Perhaps its the curse of the new year. Perhaps I'm gaining muscle. It's because i'm not patient enough. I want to see the pounds melting away rapidly because I hate them so much. One pound is a victory to me against the fat cells I am going to quit moaning about the numbers.

What I do have today is glossy hair. I used tons of products on it last night as part of a mini pampering routine. It's thick and glossy and will only remain like this for today until I douse my head in chlorine. I've decided to make Saturday night a bit of a pampering night for me. My face was exfoliated and the smoothest lip balm applied to my winter chapped lips my feet were softened with parisian cream.

Yesterday I tried the new yoga dvd. It was slightly oddly paced. Tons of standing round in prayer position, then tons of quick movements that I couldn't see as I ended up with my large rear pointing to the tv, so I added some weird twists to the routine. It then repeated itself weirdly towards the end and I thought it had started again. But I did feel better for it. 

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Amanda on 3/1/10 3:55 pm said...

Think of it as 1 pound closer to your goal :-) you are doing great!

Marilee on 3/1/10 4:13 pm said...

You draw the most wonderful pictures with your words! Another pound is wonderful!

Staci Dombroski on 3/1/10 8:04 pm said...

I think a pound is awesome! Way to go :-)

Dreaming of the New Me on 3/1/10 8:21 pm said...

Oh man I love how you explained your first session with the yoga how funny. I tried doing yoga from a DVD and I felt so uncoordinated. Well done on the pound it is going down and not up and that is the main thing Wohooo you.

MackAttack on 6/1/10 1:41 am said...

As Simone would say, Celebrate everything! I know it's tough when the loss is so little, but it's a loss. That is awesome.


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