Saturday, 2 January 2010

Almost a high

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 11:50 am
Snow today, just after the last bout cleared up. Nothing stopped me from getting to the gym today. I was on the recumbent bike listening to the Editors and Massive Attack on my mp3 player when I realised I was almost enjoying myself. If the mp3 player hadn't have been with me I would have be bored by the whole experience. Instead I pumped my legs to the beats, in the way that one danced in the early 90s. I had bags of energy and plenty of water on board and my legs and arms no longer ache.

The pool was empty so I did a series of deep squats in the water and then settled into the jacuzzi as a reward for actually getting to the gym. I feel vital and I truly deserve a great lunch.

I bought a new yoga dvd the other day with my Christmas money. I was slightly exhausting to watch but I'll give it a go this afternoon possibly. I'm hoping it will stop the cravings for the box of Cadbury's heros that's sitting near the fireplace but thankfully there are a hundred tons of clementines in the fruit bowl.


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Clementine on 2/1/10 5:48 pm said...

I <3 the Editors! Haven't met anyone yet who even knew who they are.

I like yoga, but so much of it is too advanced for me. I've been doing Namaste Yoga, which is from FitTV. I just got the DVDs so I can do it anytime.

Clementines are just like candy. I took them as my pseudonym - that's how much I like them. :)

Tricia on 2/1/10 7:30 pm said...

I love the statement "I feel vital"

Just lovely.

Marilee on 2/1/10 8:53 pm said...

Keep up the good work! Sounds like you are off on the right foot in 2010. Me too!

Kylie on 2/1/10 10:03 pm said...

Glad to hear the enjoyment for exercise is coming. It took me well over a year before I felt that feeling, so it is awesome that you have it early.


Dreaming of the New Me on 3/1/10 3:21 am said...

Great committment to get your exercise done. Lots of people would have flagged it. Shows you are going to succeed.


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