Monday, 25 January 2010

The Doctor's Again

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 11:50 am

Today was the doctor's appointment, nothing serious so nothing to worry about. He was delighted that my blood pressure was "spot on",  pleased I was doing exercise and happy that I'd lost weight since I saw him last. He's put me in for some fasting blood tests so I can have my blood sugar and cholesterol levels checked, so not long until the final road test is done. I also have another appointment with the dietician soon enough. 

I have been feeling irritable and moody all week, which is unusual for me. For some unknown reason I was sure that I'd not lose weight this week, despite keeping to the food plan and exercise regime. There it was on the scales 308.0- another loss. I think the 310 was a mental barrier for me oddly enough and I'm not sure why. By the end of February I am hoping to hit the 200s running. 

Ate out teashop style on Sunday. Stuck to a savoury dish and drowned it with three and a half cups of china rose petal tea. Ignored the sweet trolley and their bakery sales department, along with the free samples of moist ginger cake and white chocolate. Still amazed at my restraint as they have the best cakes in the universe. Treated myself to 100g of ceylon blue sapphire tea, which has pretty blue cornflowers scattered amongst the tea leaves so I didn't feel deprived.

In an outlet store I snaffled a grey mohair cardigan bargain in two sizes less than I would usually wear. Yes two whole sizes; it's like the rules of mathmatics are starting to bend in the universe as I could define myself by that size. Ah well things have to change.

After my doctor's visit I popped into the green grocers and looked longingly at the fruit and veg, like they were sweets in the pic and mix where I selected the choicest italian cherry tomatoes and a ripe advocado. I am going to massacre them into guacamole pre gym work out this afternoon. I hope you are all doing well making good choices today. Keep at it- you know there's no acceptable alternative.

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TheLosingAmerican on 25/1/10 1:13 pm said...

I have no doubt in my mind you will hit your 200s goal!! You sound like me...making small changes that just keep adding up and adding up to more and more weight loss success!!

Jenn on 25/1/10 2:39 pm said...

You have such focus and determination - congrats on the loss!

Alexia on 25/1/10 4:27 pm said...

I agree with Jenn! You're doing so well! I want to get into the 100s as badly as you want to get in the 200s. We can do this! I love coming to your blog - it's so pretty!

Hadley on 25/1/10 6:20 pm said...

Congratulations on the loss and the compliments from the doctor! You didn't mention it in your post, but it's worth noting that this means you crossed the 25 pound mark! That's a huge milestone, so good on you.

You're doing fabulously, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

You're doing great...congrats!

MackAttack on 26/1/10 2:05 am said...

TWO SIZES! You rock star! Isn't it awesome to be able to go to your doctors and show improvements :)

Tricia on 26/1/10 2:59 am said...

Hope you enjoyed your workout! Youre doing a great job.


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