Wednesday, 20 January 2010


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I owe people thank yous for more awards. Thank you Katie J for the Happy 101 award and to Lisa for the superior scribbler award. I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed with them. As I have to name some things about me I think I will stick to ten as i'm sure you all have better things to do than read about me all day long! It's actually a really hard thing to do as I just wanted to list 10 of my addictive foods but here goes.

1. As a child I was passionate about horses. I rode them, drank out of horse cups, slept under horse covers and even pretended I owed a riding school jumping over buckets in the back garden with a brush. I am looking forward to getting on a horse again when I don't make the damn thing buckle.

2. I adore bike riding. I used to ride a bike in London when I was a student. Sadly I am too fat to ride my bike without the tires deflating. I am looking forward to the time when I get down a few more pounds so I can cycle about.

3. My best friend drowned on holiday in India in 2000, it's been quite a recovery process since then as she was an amazing person who had a weird obsession for zebras. She was my uncritical friend since I was about seven and I miss her dearly.

4. When I was a child I used to spend weekends in the family caravan in the lake district. It's only this year that I've realised I'm actually an outdoorsy person.

5. Books are a passion of mine. I have way to many of the damned things. This year I am trying to get rid of many of them in order to start a savings fund and declutter.

6. I love tea shops and brimming delicatessens. Most of the stuff is now contraband, but I love looking at the sweet trolley to see what I would have chosen if I could.

7.  I am really insecure when talking to people older than myself. I sort of clamp up into a good girl who says nothing mode. It's most peculiar as often I can be gregarious with people my age or below.

8. I love the control that driving my car gives me. I took a road trip around the highlands of Scotland in 2001 and I long to take to the road again.

9. In 2001 Scotland I threw myself at one of Scotland's premier writers in the most ridiculous fashion and was rejected unsurprisingly. I haven't quite recovered from the experience. It actually makes my toes curl thinking about it now though...

10. Since 2001 I have had debilitating bouts of pyschosis and depression. I mention it here as I think there is a terrible stigma about those of us who suffer/have suffered with mental health issues and that needs to change. People  wrongly assume that we are incapable of anything. One in four people suffer from mental health issues at one time in their life. It's not something that is spoken about and people are often discriminated against and the issue receives little sympathy as it is something that doesn't show outwardly like a broken leg.Sadly the impacts of problems tend to be social and financial.  Just thought i'd shake you up a little bit there... On the bright side I know I'm mad today so I must be sane...

Nothing much  else to report except I am yoga and gym attending. Yesterday a yoga instructor I hadn't seen before complimented me and said I was "bendy" and then she asked "did you used to dance?" The thought of me ever being a dancer has me in stitches even today as my mother used to describe me as a "fairy elephant".

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Staci Dombroski on 20/1/10 2:46 pm said...

Sorry to hear about your friend!

Amanda on 20/1/10 2:54 pm said...

Gotta love mothers and the stupid crap they say to give us lifelong complexes.

I distinctly remember my mom saying, throughteh door after I locked myself in my room at age 8, "I ddn't say you ARE fat! I said you are GETTING fat!!!!!"

Lisa on 20/1/10 4:04 pm said...

Great list of 10 things -- I enjoyed reading them!

Have a blessed day,

Alexia on 20/1/10 4:56 pm said...

"Fairy elephant," you say.
My mother use to call me "chubby."

MackAttack on 21/1/10 1:57 am said...

What a heartfelt list! Thanks for sharing! Also way to go Bendy :) glad you are enjoying the gym.

Kat on 21/1/10 8:47 am said...

I think the thing I like most about these awards is learning more about people. I was horse obsessed as a child. Big time. I can not wait until I get down to a weight where I can ride again. It is one of my big incentives. I also lost my best friend. She was diagnosed with ms in 1997 and passed away two years ago. Not a day goes by when I don't think of her. Way to go for making it to the gym and yoga, Bendy!

TheLosingAmerican on 22/1/10 8:47 am said...

Congrats on your awards! You are indeed a beautiful writer!!


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