Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Water Jug

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 1:41 pm
My cats are old. One of them, Hodge, is slightly off his head. I suspect he has the start of cat dementia. (This is not just going to be a kookie animal post hang on for a second!)

He's not quite sure where he wants to be and he has phases of restless. Poor old soldier is sneezing quite a bit too. Despite all this he runs past his water bowl outside to the water bowl, where the water is the coolest and freshest from the rainwater and he drinks this liquid. He drinks a hell of a lot of it. My parents and I look at him and think nope he's a gonner on a slippery slope downwards to the grim reaper but he's actually functionning well. Plus he's on orders not to die this year.

Then I think of my water consumption I pale in comparison to the lovely ginger and white. The cat knows he needs water and he knows how he prefers his water to be. I have given scant regard to my water intake. The focus has always been on the food.

There's always the debate of how much water to drink per day. 1litre? 1.5 litres? 2 litres? Too much water can kill people! Not enough water stops the body being effective! Let the body guage its own thirst! Make sure you urine is pale in colour! Add your own personal plan here!

What i do know is that diet fizzy drinks have to go from my diet. The ingredients are not natural enough. So thanks Hodge for reminding me and bring on the water jug, chilled with a slice of lemon please!

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MackAttack on 5/12/09 7:46 pm said...

bring on the water! Hope your cats ok.


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