Sunday, 6 December 2009

Some re-design

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:48 am
You may have noticed I've spent the whole of Saturday playing around with my blogger template for Christmas. I'm having a new look in the New Year too. I am having difficulty downloading the psd images or else it would be already being beamed to you. It's getting late now.

Weigh in and Butternut squash soup review to follow after i've had a good dose of beauty sleep.

2 delightful comment/s:

Lou on 6/12/09 2:25 am said...

Am just catching up - love the new imagery! Gulped slightly when I read your water jug post. My 18 year old furbaby has has been diagnosed with the dredded renal failure. I have also put him on orders to survive for at least another year!

Best of luck with the weigh in, glad you're feeling perkier :)

Tricia on 6/12/09 2:55 am said...

Love the new design!


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