Monday, 21 December 2009

Venturing out

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 2:37 pm
I was out of bed radidly in the morning in the hope of catching the gym pass as it plopped through the letterbox. Eating cinnamon oatmeal I looked into the snow for the postie. The letters arrived full of bountiful joy- a card from friends in Majorca and the Yorkshire Dales. Also included the local theatre was advertising its new season but no gym pass. Getting up early and the longed for gym trip being no go, despite me having prepared for 12 pm yoga, made me really irratable.

I wasn't aided as I went with mum in the snow to the supermarket. The fruit and veg isle was pilled high with sprouts and parsnips and potatoes. Everyone was jammed into one spot with their huge baskets dithering over choices. The supermarket gleamed with great food for Christmas. Though I did stop to scoff at the low fat sausage rolls- I mean really what is the point? I panicked for five minutes over the pasta section as I struggled to find wholemeal pasta. I landed lucky and was rewarded by some really tiny wholemeal pasta shells, which have been made into a mushroom bake with some clever help from some herbs, eggs, garlic and onions and will be served soon. I'm desperate for that pass to come tomorrow my mood will be so much better after a day of exercise in the warmth.  

3 delightful comment/s:

Tricia on 21/12/09 5:20 pm said...

Hope you get it soon!

And thank you so much for all the nice comments you leave on my blog. The support means a lot to me :)

Eve on 21/12/09 11:23 pm said...

I hope you get your pass soon! Thanks for following my journey and your kind comments on my last post. You are right , I shouldn't be hard on myself. I guess I was just feeling blah about everything! :-D

MackAttack on 22/12/09 12:54 am said...

That stinks that it's coming through the mail! Nothing worse than a foiled workout plan. Hope it comes soon.


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