Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snow and weigh in

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:52 pm
I got angry yesterday. Cold raw anger. It doesn't matter what it was over but what is interesting was the effect on my body. I felt intensely wounded and it physically hurt. I got an immediate desire to eat everything in the cupboards. I settled for a low fat version of a bacon sandwich and then forced myself not to eat anymore but that oh so familiar feeling was there, intensified by the emotion.  After an uncomfortable night I woke up in a relatively good mood. 

More snow has been falling overnight and it looks like the top of an iced cake out there. The cats have reacted differently to the conditions. Dilys, who is on a weight loss regime herself, was out playing in the snow like some snow leopard whilst the other two dozed for England in the warmth. Even I was curled up in a hand me down soft- as-a-teddy-bear-feeling sweater.

The weigh in was a pleasant surprise. I have managed to lose a stone for 2010! Now all I have to do is lose a gram or two over this holiday week. That's the real challenge. 


6 delightful comment/s:

spunkysuzi on 20/12/09 2:36 pm said...

What beautiful pictures not just of the cats but you too!!

GallusBesom on 20/12/09 11:50 pm said...

Well done, that's excellent work. Have a lovely Christmas! x

Lou on 21/12/09 12:41 am said...

Love the pic of puss in the snow and wohoo on the whole stone :). Sounds like what made you angry also showed how strong you could be - nice one!

lyricgirl on 21/12/09 4:48 am said...

New to your blog. Love your cat.

MackAttack on 21/12/09 4:53 am said...

congrats on the weight loss!

TheLosingAmerican on 21/12/09 10:04 pm said...

It's amazing how much emotions can affect our eating. However, I think it's great that you recognized it and just let yourself go through it...shows that you're changing your relationship with food. Two thumbs up! ;)


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