Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Unexpected things.

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:37 pm
I'm feeling marginally guilty about slagging off the chap's attempts to make me French toast a while back so in order to readress the balance on the ground of fairness I must make a mention of his rather wonderful other dish- Spicy Sardines.Sardines? I know I thought the same thing as you do. Barely fit for the household pet! But sometimes rather wonderful things come unexpectedly.

Sardines are a mineral rich oily fish, related to herrings, and thus are terrifically good for you. Though don't get me started on the difference between a sardine and a pilchard. Combined with exotic spices and chillis they take on a far higher status that you could imagine. Serve with rice and you are on to a winner! I would post the recipe here if I could but the spice mix is a little secret.

When the chap suggested I eat his dish I privately thought that I'd have to eat two mouthfuls and then feign illness or being full up but I was surprised. More than surprised-I was delighted. Spicy Sardines is a delight. Plus I was amazed at my chap's prowess in chopping onions regularly and finely!

It seems to me that unexpected things are what keep us going. When a fellow chatter posted a stir fried sprout recipe I baulked a lot as I have only experienced them over boiled on Christmas day. I bet they did taste marvellous. The unexpected reinvented.The simple things we over look.

Yesterday I got a Christmas card from the chap, totally out of the blue through the post. He'd designed a photo Christmas card himself with a picture I'd taken of him on the front and a cute picture of us both out on one of our summer walks inside. It was the most personal Christmas card I've ever received, and hence the best.

On my travels yesterday daytime I drove past a wall  in the middle of nowhere where a rather trim Santa was sitting waving at all the passing traffic. I of course waved back with all my might. It gave me a real buzz about the great things to be found out there!

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Katie J on 9/12/09 5:54 pm said...

Your post made me smile Stella!

P.S. I actually like sardines!

Dreaming of the New Me on 9/12/09 8:54 pm said...

I agree with Katie J. I love sardines too. I love them for breakfast on hot buttered toast with onion on top of the sardines. I know ewww some of you would say but they are yummy and my DS loves it too LOL.

I have a card making business I do from home and I love cards and love receiving them and especially when they are made and not brought in a shop. So well done to the chap that sent it to you as it shows thoughfulness.

F. McButter Pants on 10/12/09 1:47 pm said...

Never have tried sardines. My grandpa loved them.

There is so much good to had. Love the positive attitude.


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