Thursday, 10 December 2009

A stalker and memory loss

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 9:44 pm
I think Santa is stalking me. I went out to the shops and there he was by the recycle bins. I kid you not! His sleigh was all lit up and Christmas music was blaring out. People were surrounding him collecting money. He's not the only man I'm not intimate with who is interested in me this month. The local newsagent keeps asking me a series of pertinent questions. Today's was, " What do you do for a living?" Nor was he satisfied with my vague answer of  " various things" he just had to grill me further. Next he'll be asking who I bank with and wanting to know what my future prospects are! The honey thinks the newsagent is chatting me up. Can you imagine! Things like that do NOT happen to me, it continues to feel confusing.

Tomorrow the honey and I are out into deepest darkest Derbyshire, regardless of the cold. It will be really strange to visit places where I used to go to when I lived for a few years in the county. I've made a decision not to visit my old village. The house is preserved in my memory and I don't want to see it lived in by anyone else.

The honey came over to stay on Wednesday night yet, I totally forgot to buy in food for his stay. There was no milk, no bread or anything worth eating. It's usually the first thing I worry about. In the supermarket the honey picked up my old favourite- oatmeal and raisin American style cookies. He nearly didn't get them as I sort of awwed because I used to love them. I said he should buy any flavour but those. After a little soul searching I said he should get them if he wanted them, he declined but I ordered him to put them in the basket because that's truly what he wanted with his cup of tea later that evening. He is the master of moderation and good sense and can stop after half a biscuit. Why? So that he can enjoy the other biscuit the next day! Sounds logical put that way. They are well out of my sight in the flat and I have no interest in them. Instead i'm having a snack of fruit here and there. This morning I forgot to eat again until he reminded me we should eat. Maybe I'm coming down with something!

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MackAttack on 11/12/09 4:44 am said...

ohh have fun in your old town, it's crazy going home again, hope you have fun!


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