Monday, 28 December 2009

Sunday- gym assessment

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 11:43 pm
 I skipped off to the gym on Sunday full of enthusiasm. All classes were cancelled so no aqua class. Started with a gentle swim for a while instead. Had lunch and shopped nearby with my Christmas money. Bought a lightweight fleece for gym cool down and a thick yoga mat on sale so I can have a mat at my parents house too.

At 2.00pm I met the guy who was to give me my gym work out. The guy whom today is on my hit list of people I will not be sending a Christmas card to in 2010.

We start out on the bikes. No worries there. My heart rate gets going. I had imagined him to give me cv work with a little bit of weights. No. This guy gets out the swiss ball and has me doing 45 deep squats. Next a heavy ball is then flung round the gym in all directions, involving twists and squats and i'm feeling like a prize prat. 45 knee modified press ups later I can barely stand. A quick hop on the treadmill and my heart rate is ok. I'm sweating like no ones business from the ball exercises. My arms and shoulders are give a work out from the windlass, set half way. Then a hundred sodding metres of rope climbing. I'm so relieved when its all over. I get introduced to the power plate, which shakes out the lactic acid in the body. I feel thoroughly worked. Later in the evening I feel wiped out and slightly achy. One day later I can't use my sitting down leg muscles so very well because it hurts so much and walking is quite uncomfortable on the legs. I decide to forgo all excercise today and wont be repeating the masocist gym plan. I will have to construct my own.

Tomorrow I have an aqua class which I will struggle with but I think it will be easier than doing the stretches in yogalates at the minute.

 I weighed myself as usual on Sunday and was disappointed to find that my weight was up to 319.8. I couldn't work out why because I have been an example of virtuous eating all damned holiday. It clicked today- It was pre menstural weight. So I will weigh myself tomorrow and record the loss then instead.

As the gym was mind numbingly dull I have invested in an mp3 player, which takes me somewhat into the digital age. It has a radio too which will also accompany me on walks when it gets a bit warmer. I am irritable, weary and achy: I feel so unfit and sore. Less moans tomorrow!

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Marilee on 29/12/09 1:16 am said...

I hate squats and my exercise instructor loves them in many terrible shapes and forms. That does seem excessive, however, for your first time out. I mean, it's not boot camp.

Jer on 29/12/09 2:44 am said...

Stick with the masochistic workouts! It will hurt like hell for the first couple weeks but you're going to see the results and you'll learn to love it, I swear you will!

Dreaming of the New Me on 29/12/09 6:31 am said...

It is always hard to go back to torture again after that sort of workout but the next time it won't be that bad. I must admit that I love listening to music when I work out as it makes the time go faster. Well done you!!

Kat on 29/12/09 11:40 pm said...

45 squats seems like quite a bit for a first workout. It sounds like it was a really challenging workout. Trust your body if you feel pain during a workout - it isn't worth getting an injury. I bet the lack of weight loss might have something to do with the muscles holding water. Keep up the good work!


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