Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Long Awaited Gym Visit Arrives.

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 1:06 pm
I rose uncharacteristically early today and headed off to my new gym. I braved the icerink carpark and made it as far as reception.

There they forced me to fill out a booklet or two and then gave me a gym orientation. This consisted of a man pointing at the pool saying this is the swimming pool, this is a cross trainer etc.: all no brainer stuff. What amused me was that there were two flights of stairs to the yoga and tai chi studio I will be knackered before I get up there.  I booked in for a gym assessment tomorrow afternoon.  The yoga class had been cancelled. Damn it- that is why I was there, mostly.

 I spent 20 minutes sweating in the gym, burning off two of yesterday's clementines, drinking a bottle of water and then I did some lane swimming for a while. Sat in the hot tub because I could for two minutes and felt my fat thighs wobble with the water resistence.Dripped over the changing rooms and hid in the second changing room to get out of my wet costume. N.B. When climbing into my bathing suit I did not use the changing rooms as they were full, I sort of exhibited my arse to the world. I feel so brave. Similarly when walking through the gym I put on my best I'm not self conscious walk back to the changing rooms. Wow. I have to do it all again tomorrow!

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spunkysuzi on 26/12/09 3:46 pm said...

Glad you were finally able to go!!
Sounds like your going to get a lot of use out of that membership.

Jer on 26/12/09 5:08 pm said...

Yay for getting to go to the gym! And I understand being brave to walk through it. I felt so damn self conscious when I first started working out. And then I realized that y'know what? If someone wants to make fun of the fat chick trying to lose weight, they're the pathetic ones. Not me.

I know you'll do great.

The Shrinking Violet on 26/12/09 5:51 pm said...

Here, Here.

Dreaming of the New Me on 26/12/09 9:00 pm said...

Wow getting in to bathing suit would have killed me for sure. I hate people seeing me in them LOL.

Wow how brave are you!!!!

Your an inspiration.

I totally agree with Jer if someone wants to make fun it is their problem!! Go you!!!

Tricia on 26/12/09 11:55 pm said...

Glad you finally got it!

F. McButter Pants on 27/12/09 3:20 am said...

I have always wanted to try yoga. Never tried it. Think I would love it. I just get afriad of how I would look. Or if I am feeling brave, I have no

Way to jump up early and make it to the gym!


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