Saturday, 12 December 2009

Daytripping again

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 The weather forecast for Manchester said sunny and low the sun did shine. However, we were travelling in Derbyshire. The minute we hit the Peak District National Park the weather decided to get a little wintry.
Travelling amidst the mist covered valleys and hills defeated the object of driving the scenic route. Banks of fog shrouded the road; all we could see was the road. Eventually we arrived at the bleakest cold spot in Derbyshire that day- Bakewell.

Bakewell is renown for its famous pudding, a close relative to the bakewell tart. It's a creation of pastry, jam, egg and almonds. Totally decadent and fat ladened so much so the fat leeches through the paper bag. The pudding wasn't for me it was for the boyfriend so he got two puddings. Why two? Because there is a dispute in the town about who actually has the original recipe, and thus they vary slightly. Both must be savoured to decide which is the top.

We walked around the small town collecting goodies. Items purchased inclused a partridge, derbyshire oatcakes, award winning sausages and erm Belgian chocolates. The chocolates were for the boyfriend's birthday although I confess I did manage to eat two slices of candied orange when I got home.

Having had a hot drink, and leaving the complimentary biscuit(!) we made it out of the town away from its bird infested riverbanks and drove to find a speciality for Christmas- Hartington Stilton cheese. Navigating in the white out was not easy but due to the boyfriend's superior map skills we ended up in the village at the old cheese shop. We tried a ton of cheese, including a rather odd one of chocolate, orange and cream cheese. I came out with a huge block of Stilton for the Christmas table and some white stilton and blueberries for sheer novelty and the boyfriend was carting a garlic laddened number.

Brief respite at a country pub, where I watched longingly from beside the log fire as the boyfriend drowned an amazing tasting pint of draft cider.The stone circle visit was postponed due to bad weather so we made it into the city of Derby to hunt for a Mexican restaurant that no longer exists. We found a very suitable alternative though. Nachoed out we had eaten our fill and the boyfriend was sucking on his lime after his rather mellow tequilla. (One of 40 on their list). Home again exhausted and satisfied.

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MackAttack on 13/12/09 6:28 pm said...

Looks like a fabulous day trip!


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