Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Gym newsflash

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 10:28 am
I received a friendly email from the manager of the local gym I have temporarily joined. They said " just come down to the club" as no card is posted out, despite what the website said. All those days of anxiety and all I needed to do was brave the cars on the road and just present myself in all my rotund glory. The sweet irony is that if I went today I would miss 2 of my 12 days this week. So I have decided to attend the gym on the 26th, so that I get in the maximum number of days per deal. It was a hard decision I can tell you as I'm dying to get to the yoga classes, two of which run today. Plus the roads are like marble with the compacted snow and ice out there. As a sweetner to myself I will follow a yoga dvd at home on Christmas eve, between the Miracle on 34th st (original version) and some other film the apple-of-my-eye will bring over tonight.

A friend from school emailed me yesterday regarding meeting up whilst she's home for the holidays. It will be lovely to see her and she's adoreable so I don't need to worry about her reaction to my increased girth because there will be none. The reason I mention it was that she told me about a mini school reunion between about ten of my former classmates and she asked if I'd be interested in going. Two of which hated my guts at school and spent their teenage years sneering at me. I'd love to say that people do change, that people grow up but I have taken the cowards route out of it. I will not be attending partly because I'd rather have teeth pulled and partly because I do not want them to see me at this size.  I know I have been advised to not put off anything but when you get together with your soon to be long term boyfriend at a 16th birthday party and one girl says "urgh you've got off with (the shrinking violet)"loudly to him infront of your peers you don't want to hang around them 20 years later as roles don't alter that much. Fat pride takes a backseat as my self preservation kicks in.

 I have two food things I want to mention. The first is the arrival of the annual Christmas bowl. No this isn't that odd version of rounders you Americans play but the putting out on display a ceramic bowl full to the brim of Cadbury's roses chocolates in the living room for "guests who drop by". I will not eat any of them, however, I have developed this weird and worringly obsessive habit of counting how many are left in the bowl to see how many my parents have eaten over the course of a morning etc. It's a mightily odd habit to develop. I just need to remember that bright colours in nature often signify poison and Cadbury's roses have bright wrappers; there's logic for you.

What I love about the difference between America and England is the way we treat bread and cheese. Here we turn it into cheese on toast: there it becomes a grilled cheese sandwich (call it a fried sandwich for goodness sake be honest!) An internet friend from Boston revealed the secret of the grilled cheese sandwich to me last night so I did a mini culinary experiment. I made one with half a slice of a very small loaf, some olive oil and reduced fat cheese. The results were ok, but I'll stick to the british version. My mother, however, had her imagination caught by the delightful cooking smells that she had russled up two whole slices of fried bread, skimping on the cheese to erm "save calories"(sic)  Shakes head in disbelief. (It's not easy to watch her eat some continental biscuits after that because she has already lost over 30 pounds herself in the last two months and has mostly abandoned sensible eating because it's Christmas.)

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Katie J on 23/12/09 7:20 pm said...

Sounds like a bowl of evil to me!

Thanks for all your support and comments my dear. Means the world to me even if you are on the other side of the pond :-)

Merry Christmas!

lyricgirl on 24/12/09 5:22 am said...

I hope you enjoy your Christmas and the gym. Get all that you can get out of the gym. Good luck!


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