Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Fat Stores

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:44 pm
I'm at my parents for a couple of days to get some warmth into my bones rather than huddling round the heater at my little piece of Antarctica. Vegetables abound here. Lunch today was a milky parsnip and apple soup with a sweet and rooty flavour. Tonight i'm having that Crank's favourite Homity pie; wholemeal pie case filled deep with potatoes, onions, parsley, garlic and cheese.  My parent's kitchen smells heavenly.

For sport yesterday I took my fat stores (lovingly refered to as T K Fat) to the shops for the sheer joy of trying on clothes that fit. Here is what I learned this year through trying on everything in my size on the plus size rail. Not all clothes my size will fit or flatter, they simply aren't good enough for me and my body. Not rocket science I admit . Now I realise that clothing patterns vary from place to place and it's not me that's wrong it's the clothes! 

I'm seeing my clothing trips as therapy. I'm getting acclimatised to the bright lights and changing room doors that don't fasten and curtains with gaping holes in them and mirrors that magnify  T K Fat from all angles. Clothes shopping used to be unpleasant now I skip into the changing rooms full of hope, even when my purse is empty. I try on the garments, look at them thoroughly assess if it looks stunning, learning all the time about what flatters me best, then back on the hanger they go.  When a garment look ridiculous and a frightening number do, I laugh at the retailers pathetic attempts to sell me inferior goods.

Yesterday we fed my sick cat two tins of tuna as a last supper which it woolfed down ferociously. My folks took him to the vet imagining the worst. I shed numerous tears in private, steeling myself for the return of an empty basket. It returned quite jubillant and sneezed a little. Poor thing isn't quite as near to death as we imagined it's just suffering from a chest infection and an over active thyroid. Dad is very impressed at the cat's acting skills in conning us out of two tins of tuna.

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F. McButter Pants on 15/12/09 6:00 pm said...

How cute that your kitty got a reprieve! That will make your Christmas much better!

I hate to clothes shop. I should look at like therapy as well.

Enjoy Mom and Dad's house!

Tricia on 15/12/09 7:20 pm said...

Thank you so much for the super sweet comments on my pictures :)

Glad your kitty is ok.

266 on 15/12/09 9:54 pm said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my post! I am so happy your cat is doing so much better than expected and that your clothes shopping expeditions are so much more fun than they used to be (which I totally get)!

Katie J on 16/12/09 12:53 am said...

Yay for the kitty! I am SO relieved for you.

I just want to also thank you for being such a wonderful chearleader. It really helps make this road a lot less bumpy when there is such heartwarming support.

Cricket on 16/12/09 2:00 am said...

Smart cat! Don't fall for it again, though.
I used to work in a clothing store that sold plus size fashions--some were good and others really, really bad. I was always amazed at how people were okay with drowning themselves in material (lack of fit anywhere, just a potato sack). Glad you know what you like and what you don't!

MackAttack on 16/12/09 5:55 am said...

Haha! That's fantastic that your cat is ok! I also love how you are making clothing shopping work for you. you're so smart!


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