Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Nuts and just what I need.

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 1:37 pm
My dad obsessively feeds the birds. There are different spots all over his garden where he places food for the tiny birds. He gets aggreived if the bigger birds or animals show a desire to eat from his food provision. A few years ago I gave my parents a squirrel proof bird feeder that has bars surrounding it thicker than a maximum security prison. Whilst preparing my egg on toast this morning I looked out to see a very wired squirrel trying his damndest to get the nuts in the feeder. It was scrambling up rose thorns and trying to walk down 6ft brick walls all in the desire to get to a peanut or two. It made me laugh sadly as I used to be that way with high octaine junk food. What chemical in the brain drives desire?

 Since I met you know who I haven't been to one single yoga class and lately I've been itching to get stretching again. The local sports centre has two sessions a week one I can't attend and the other so early I'd see the milkman if they still existed in large numbers. It's also I think rather expensive for dated surroundings. Looking online I found a really good deal. A twelve day gym membership at the rather nifty newish gym in the centre of town. I printed off the inclusive exercise classes and they have 7 yoga sessions a week. There's bound to be a couple I could attend there for goodness sake! Plus I get to use all the other facilities.

Mum bought me the 12 day deal. It's to be used on consecutive days and I'm raring to get started over Christmas as a way to fight the day's turkey overload. I'm also thinking that I could perhaps afford an off peak monthly membership if the classes are good and the pool and gym fat friendly. I know some of you are thinking you will never attend the gym after the first month but the truth is when I was a paying monthly gym member before I did make use of all their facilities regularly. The only thing that might get in the way is the cost but what price is better health? Yes I could walk outdoors but I have shirked the cold recently I want a touch of luxury it may be just what I need.

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She woke up FAT on 16/12/09 2:55 pm said...

That's funny about the nuts.

To answer your question. Swiss Colony is a company that sends out gift boxes of meat and cheese amongst other evil things.
I have already pawned off one box but my mother in law is the one who sent them and she will be here this coming weekend and she will Never believe that we ate all of those in one week.

Anonymous said...

Ha! We have the same bird feeder - but the squirrels still found a way to get in it!

Then my husband rubbed vegetable oil all over the pole and the bar - its hilarous to watch them try and keep slipping!

Hang in there with the yoga! :D

Cricket on 17/12/09 12:58 am said...

Oooh--yoga sounds delightful. I havent' done that for a while. I just have videos that I follow along, but being part of a group would be nicer. Good luck!


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