Friday, 4 December 2009

Dark Victory

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:33 am
Tired from a late night and watching Suspiria (a 70s Italian thriller with a spooky sound track)I made brioche with blackberries for the third time this week for breakfast, but this time it was actually for he whom shall not be named. I was a bit anxious because I really wanted this dish to be a success and it was, it proved a real hit. It's unashamedly unfair to explain why I was so concerned but to sum up our history has in it the foulest breakfast dish every made by man, made by my man. After a difficult decision I had half a portion of the brioche stuff and was very glad i did, although I'm looking forward to a much more plain breakfast tomorrow.

Dinner was a rip roaring success too thanks to Ikea and their spud and meatballs. He whom shall not be named had dessert- a delightful buttery piece of daim cake. I knew how it tasted so I didn't need to taste it. I let him enjoy in peace although I had a gargantuan food envy.

Later in the supermarket I was over awed again by how much sheer crap lines the shelves. There's miles of really vile stuff. We spent our time checking out for foods that didn't contain palm oil. According to he whom shall etc. palm oil is destroying orangutangs habitat and is a major health baddy. It sneaks into alsorts of foods so easily in the list of ingredients. Still it didn't stop me sifting through all that food porn out there...

The desire to get on the scales every five minutes is over taking me at present. I was rather hoping to have dropped a stone over night(Cue dream sequence interlude...)

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MackAttack on 4/12/09 4:32 am said...

so glad that your brioche was a success!

Dreaming of the New Me on 4/12/09 5:49 am said...

I so have a problem with the darn scales too!!!


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