Saturday, 28 November 2009

A spoonful...

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:19 am
On Thursday night the man friend caught me out.

As he was watching a documentary in the lounge I decided to heat up my mum's chicken casserole. I was in the kitchen making sure all was heating through ok when I decided to have a peak in the cupboards. I found the box of icing sugar, powdered sugar in the states, and I decided to eat a spoonful.

It was so sweet and heady that I dived back into the packet. I was leaning on the kitchen counter packet in hand spoon shoved in my mouth with the other when my boyfriend chose that moment to come to the kitchen and impart a precious fact to me. He was aghast and disappointed that I was shovelling sugar in my mouth behind the world's back.

Secret eating is part of my problem. If I eat in secret it's like I'm not eating at all, false logic but I will say anything to ply myself with the goods.

Today however was more measured. Hardly remembered to eat again today as I hunted for bargain presents and a magazine. Came home and started making a cushion on a small sewing machine that I bought 2 years ago. Pretty damned impressed with myself and my new found interest in the domestic. My lines were wonky as I stiched shapes onto rough calico but it was fun to be in charge of a sewing machine! I hardly had time to look up from my cup of tea.

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MackAttack on 28/11/09 4:48 pm said...

awww. I'm with you on the secret eating. Of course, I've gotten into the habit of 'confessing' all my eats to Dan...I need to stop all the secret eating though! Glad you got some good deals!


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