Monday, 23 November 2009

Positive actions.

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 8:04 am
I'm in a better state of mind today. I'm up ludicrously early and have already bashed out 1,500 words of the novel. Killing the arrogant radio star, Andrew Timms, in my novel was a real treat it practically wrote itself. Six thousand five hundred left before i can type The End!

Breakfast was cereal and 4 water crackers. Don't ask me why i needed the water crackers as well I think something crunchy aliviates nervous energy. See I have an excuse for everything!

My feelings are less bleak today. I have made a commitment to be kind to myself all day. This means that I will look after what I put in my body and take myself out for a walk. Hell I may even take the dog out and throw devil may care attitude to the rain. Plus I am going to apply for a job I saw advertised. Applying means contacting my old boss to ask for a reference, something which I don't much relish. Still It needs to be done if I am to stay away from the cupboards. The honey says i need a lock on the fridge. The human love machine says a lot of things.

Yet he was all sympathy last night about my abject misery and my need for books (Confessions of a Carb Queen/ Passing for Thin/Secrets of a Former Fat Girl/The Incredible Shrinking Critic/Confessions of a Reformed Dieter. ) Then he hinted at my Christmas present, which is something that should help my weight loss somehow. I'm all perplexed. Normally men are so transparent at gift buying but this one seems to have a trick up his sleeve. If it's a trampoline, hula hoop or skipping rope he is barking up the wrong tree and a trial separation may be in order! (Just so you know, love!)

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GallusBesom said...

It's all about small steps. I started off doing 20 minutes of the Davina exercise DVD, 3 times a week. After a few months I felt I was ready to join a gym. I also planned my meals a lot more carefully - cooking enough to bring to work with me the next day. Nothing happens overnight, but days turn into weeks, turn into months, and gradually the pounds leave you.

PS, My bet is that he's getting you a Wii fit. Am jealous!

MackAttack on 24/11/09 2:11 am said...

ohh how FUN! I love it when guys have great gift ideas! Can't wait to hear about it!


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