Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Novelist claims literary prize

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 11:45 pm
Ok I am dreaming somewhat but I have wonderful news to impart; I have finished the first rough draft of my novel and am giving myself five days off before I start rewriting huge chunks of it. It has been a most marvellous novelling experience again this month

Fictional worlds are wonderful - not one of the characters really excercises and they eat junk food when they feel like it and drink large quantities yet they still remain bodily perfect. I am envious of their near perfect world other than the disasters which befall them all.

Today I have been patchy with my eating habits but I was writing for a deadline. Tomorrow all will be as usual. I will be in line with my new water meter, which will measure everything and be cost saving.

That chap of mine was having hysterics this evening at the vision of me using a trampoline. He says he will keep me guessing for weeks but I am delighted he found my bouncing self amusing. Wait until i have the sleekness of a panther.

As well as my writing success i managed to deftly avoid a tub of pringles in the house and did not go out and buy my own either. Small victories count!

2 delightful comment/s:

Lou on 25/11/09 12:27 am said...

Small victories do indeed count! Congrats on the writing milestone...awesome achievment :)

MackAttack on 25/11/09 2:34 am said...

woohoo! Great job avoiding the pringles!


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