Monday, 30 November 2009

Library Dilemma

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:01 pm
I'm at the local library. I've spotted two diet guides that I'd quite like to take out but am I bold enough to actually walk up to the front desk and hand them over. It's silly I know but I pretend I'm not fat and that people won't notice until I pick up a book that screams I'm fat. Ah the lies we tell ourselves! I will take both books out.

Completed "My Life In France" last night and it is a well written joy- a total gem of a book and huge swathes of its character go into the film Julie and Julia which, I've seen and enjoyed immensely. I then promptly picked up Powell's "Julie and Julia" and was disappointed for the most, there are some charming parts but on the whole it pales in comparison to the first. In my opinion, this is partly due to the lack of focus on the food, as well as her obsession with sex and swearing. Perhaps I'm an English prude...

Last night I eventually got on the scales. Hold your breath. 334lbs. I panicked again.Weight loss this year zero. Not strictly true given that I have both lost and gained weight. This morning I got on the scales again and was rewarded by instant weight loss to 331lbs just by writing Christmas cards in the middle of the night!

Breakfast was a treat today- poached blackberries and french toast using brioche. It was indulgent but very filling. Lunch was leek and potato soup. Tonight's feast will be chicken and rice in a sauce, unless I dine elsewhere. There will be no in between meals. If I suceed I will post the pictures of my food tonight or tomorrow.

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MackAttack on 1/12/09 3:32 am said...

ohh you'll post pictures! Sweet! I bet they are as good as your prose. I need to read My Life in France, it sounds awesome. I do agree that carrying around a weight loss book does scream hello world I'm fat! I have the same fear. I have no clue how to fix it.


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