Monday, 2 November 2009

I start another novel

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:10 am
So far all is well today. I have stuck to a food plan and i feel bright and more cheery.

I've had a really social time this weekend. Went out for a meal on halloween, eating only starters because everyone was too afraid to get up for more! Then had a rather large bottle of cider at the bar and then staggered over to the Library theatre to watch a Brecht play. All very delightful, especially as i travelled back on the bus sitting near to snow white and little red riding hood and a man with blue hair and an eye patch- the regular crowd on my bus route.

Posts will be really sketchy this month as I am participating in the yearly challenge of NANO. It is National Novel Writing Month and where participants get to write the novel/s they always dreamt of. See for details, donations or sign up for yourself.

I'm hoping i'll be so busy writing that I will forget to eat (as if).

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MackAttack on 2/11/09 3:48 am said...

Enjoy the new novel! I will miss your prose, you are really talented!


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