Monday, 26 October 2009

Excess- Day 1

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 10:45 pm
"Be excessive. if your love likes chocolate, give them a five-pound bar."
This is the dangerous quotation I found in The little book of joy. I am having to re think my excesses tonight. My car looks like a dustbin again, my parents food cupboards flow with biscuits and cakes. There are discarded ice cream tubs in my study. My body is worn down, tired and fed up. A bar of anything is not needed.

Tonight I had a serious discussion with the honey. He and I are worried about my weight. It's another rock bottom. Therefore, I am re-launching my diet, hence the new day numbers. I have already started. We sat down for a cup of tea the beau ate Scottish shortbread ;I had pineapple.

It's incredible how my self worth and motivation are linked with diet and exercise. I don't know why I want to act in a self loathing manner by abusing my body with food. Actually it's not that important to work it out tonight until I eat properly again.

Tomorrow I will walk and take photographs and eat three nutritious meals. Weigh in also I think
. I am also thinking about taking out a one month gym deal.

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Lou on 27/10/09 2:42 am said...

Glad you've finding the motivation to put 'you' at number one the priority list again :) Yay for you!


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