Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:33 pm
"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up"
- Thomas Edison

At 8.25pm yesterday evening I felt like giving up all my eating plans and efforts to loose weight. My crazed head was aching with hunger and I was holding a kentucky fried chicken burger. Two hours later at the honey's I had a sugar headache and I felt dreadful. I know that unhealthy food, eaten at the wrong time makes me feel bad. Yet I still persist in a reckless course of action.

My equanimity appears to have returned today and I am eating according to my food plan. I think that the lackey's comments really did affect me and spurned me on to eating everything on the pastry aisle over the weekend. I didn't realise I was Ms sensitive.

I will not give up. I fancy a walk tomorrow and I have a bunch of clay, not in sushi colours though, to keep me occupied today. I will make jewellery and begin and experiment into making money through crafts products if I turn out to be any good at the said crafting! I also spotted some block printing equipment at the craft store. I will be partacking of the supplies so i can make lino prints and make oodles of cash from my artwork. I may be making a living as an artist soon enough. Has to be better than eBay. So far I have three watchers;if they each buy I'll have made the princely sum of £2.97!

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GallusBesom on 11/8/09 8:20 pm said...

It's really hard not to let people get you down. I've been brooding about a particularly toxic work colleague all afternoon. But whatever you do don't turn it on yourself, rise about it.

MackAttack on 12/8/09 2:19 am said...

Words really do hurt! Put pics of your crafts on the blog would love to see!


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