Friday, 7 August 2009

Landlord rant

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:45 pm
"It's the little things that count"

I've waited a whole year for this event. I have searched in vain, pinned and anguished. The landlord said he'd get me a replacement cooker as the one in the flat has never worked, apart from the hob. Today the sacred machine arrived.

It wasn't new but it is a delightful black and chrome number. The delivery lad looked at me after I asked him to remove the old one and said he hadn't been told to remove the old one. He asked who was fitting the replacement oven as he was unable to! In the end his more senior colleague unwired the old cooker and removed it but still refused to fit the newer one. So i have lost my ability to heat things up on the hob now. My cooking facilities involve a toaster, bread maker and a microwave. This means another call to the landlord's agent and much fussing around. Most dispirited.

I should have food shopped today but am at a loss as to how i'm going to eat over the week. Still should mean I lose weight but I can't tell until my folks buy replacement scales.

2 delightful comment/s:

MackAttack on 8/8/09 2:35 am said...

how do they bring an oven and not hook it up? That's so wrong!

The Daily Debtor on 8/8/09 3:48 pm said...

You are so right!


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