Thursday, 6 August 2009

Food Panic.

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:05 pm
" The day you decide to do it is your lucky day. "
- Japanese

My mysterious symptoms of illness have started to reduce again and I am feeling a lot more spritely. The honey texted me yesterday with the hotline line number for swine flu and told me to phone it if my symptoms got worse; this made me smile as I am clearly dating someone who has hypocondriac tendancies.

Eating isn't on my first list of things to do today but I started on a mini binge and had to pull myself up short. I used my fruit break as an excuse to eat a plum with 2 penguin double chocolate wafer biscuits and a creme caramel. The food was wolved down in no time. Thankfully it will still mean that with dinner included I will be in my calorie range for the day. I thought that binges and junk food were behind me. How wrong I was. There was no cause as to why i ate the extra food it was lying around in my parent's cupboards and i didn't think better of it at the time.

Tomorrow is pay day. I have a million bills to pay, but if i'm really lucky i may buy some small packet of modelling clay so that I can start preparing for a mystery craft project. Yes, sushi earrings are the future!

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Fat[free]Me on 6/8/09 6:35 pm said...

Glad you are feeling better - and post a pic of the earrings when you have done them!

GallusBesom on 6/8/09 8:47 pm said...

Every time I go to my parents' house I eat white bread,cheese and chocolate biscuits. It's fatal.

MackAttack on 7/8/09 2:50 am said...

I love all the names you have for your boy! Glad to hear that your symptoms are subsiding!

Stella on 7/8/09 12:44 pm said...

Thanks folks


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