Saturday, 8 August 2009

Landlord rant again

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 4:10 pm
" The honey is sweet but the bee has a sting"

- Ben Franklin

I rang up the landlord's lackey yesterday afternoon and stated that the cooker hadn't been connected. He asked me, in a most patronising tone, if I had asked the delivery people to fix it. I said I had. He then said he believed that the men had had a problem accessing my home. The truth of this is they arrived 30 minutes early whilst I had nipped out for two minutes to buy milk. Hardly a problem as I arrived as they were ringing my doorbell! I got unusually aggravated by his stupid complaint. Mum heard the conversation and got heated too after I had hung up.

At five forty an electrician/carpenter was round at my place drinking tea from my porcelain and my cooker was working! It transpires that mum had spoken to the rude landlord's dogsbody and managed to have a heated discussion with him after he'd said he had much more important things to deal with than my cooker! Imagine! Bravo mother!

I admired my stove at lunchtime today and heated up tomato soup in the microwave.

When i did my shopping I bought some Ecuadorian chocolate with bitter almonds as a treat and ate the whole lot in place of my fruit snack yesterday. Now I have a desire for the sweet taste of more chocolate. I imagine the warm but bitter taste of cocoa on my tongue. I regret not buying the luxury Belgian drinking chocolate and saving money by buying standard cocoa powder, it just doesn't hit the spot! Foolhardy

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MackAttack on 8/8/09 9:38 pm said...

sometimes there are no substitutes, glad your stove is working now!


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