Tuesday, 4 August 2009

In balance

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 1:20 pm
"Sing away sorrow, cast away care."
- Miguel de Cervantes

A disaster befell the glorious glass digital scales I weigh myself on today. My parents have visitors coming to stay soon so they are performing a polava of moving beds into different bedrooms and cleaning as they go. I lent a hand. I was assigned the task of dusting the headboard. I was allocated a rather nasty dry cloth so I sloped off to the bathroom to wet the rag so that I could dust effectively. I rather too energetically pushed open the bathroom door. This caused an unforeseen chain of events.

The door pushed the bathroom cabinet, which made a perfume bottle roll to the edge of the cabinet and drop on the floor. The scales underneath the cabinet bore the impact of the perfume bottle and the balance shattered into thousands of shards. It was an explosive game of mousetrap. No more weigh ins for me for now, all scale games are off. I'm certainly not going to use a scale in public. I have visions of the damned thing shouting out my weight I have so much self consciousness.

Food has been in short supply at the minute, due to it not yet being pay day. However, I am managing to eat a decent energy allowance, even if the meals aren't very balanced.

I'm finding the process of eating quite dull at the minute. I'm looking forward to getting paid as I was thinking of signing up to a boxed fruit and veg scheme or at least having my shopping delivered for a trial. I need to keep the focus centred on the joys of healthy living. I managed not to walk at all yesterday despite an opening in the clouds.

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Jenn on 4/8/09 2:34 pm said...

Hi Stella,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for saying hello!
Jenn @ Watch My Butt Shrink!

MackAttack on 5/8/09 1:52 am said...

Oh my gosh! What a disaster with the scale!!! I understand about the food, it can get so boring. Packaged fruits and veggies sounds tasty, and interesting!

Stella on 5/8/09 2:02 pm said...

No worries, Jenn. Thanks for the sympathy Mack!


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