Sunday, 12 July 2009

Walking on the Right Path

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:21 pm

The pleasures of walking are multiple. Take today's hourly walk as an example. I took my camera with me to take many shots of the flora and fauna. I took 3 measly photos, none of which are good enough to grace any album. But the pleasure of today's walk was the little puppy "Jack" who jumped up against my skirt and took a bite out of the end of it and would not let go. Worry not my skirt was intact on the ride home. Then there was the anonymous big dog who jumped out of the water with a stick and ran past me so fast that he covered me in water as he ran. Thirdly there was the black spaniel who ran between his boy owner and boy's mum at a terrific pelt. My point? Walks develop themes of their own. You start to notice different things even on the same walk.

This past week has been a bit chaotic in terms of eating out and spending, but I don't regret the wonderful day I had in Chester(see two photos of me above lurking in doorways.) I am reigning in meals out. I keep buying clothes which although they are cute and a bargain will not fit soon.

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Losing Waist! on 13/7/09 6:36 am said...

Stella! Put a "followers" gadget-thingy on your blog. I think your writing is fantastic! I look forward to reading more!

Stella on 14/7/09 10:38 am said...

"Followers" gadget-thingy added. How's that for responsive? I feel like a religious cult now...

Losing Waist! on 14/7/09 4:20 pm said...

That is alright. As long as you don't drink the Kool-Aid I mailed you...!!

At some point you might be excited to get "followers"... I know that the thought of all those people reading my trash is kind of weird sometimes, but at other times it is nice to know that I am not alone in my struggles. That is what comforts me.

Can I recommend some blogs? The links are either on my page or on the list on my profile.

In(fat)uation:it will eat you


Fixing Myself Thinner


I don't know if you have been on any of these, but I would reccomend them! There are many more...

Stella on 14/7/09 6:41 pm said...

Thanks for the blog recommendations. I have checked some of them out already and will look into more of them in the next few days.

There really is a successful weight loss community out there, I'm starting to sense it more strongly!


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