Friday, 10 July 2009

Bending slightly.

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 5:26 pm
Yesterday I received two pizza fliers through the door. Having never thought of the hut I immediately craved pizza and some starter. I wanted to call last night as I was hungry but I held off.

I promised myself for lunch I could have a personal pizza, which is exactly what I did. I drove to a shopping park, ate chicken strips and a personal pizza and half way through the pizza i was feeling full, by three slices I was stuffed. This is the point where I asked the waitress to box the last piece up. Had I been more mindful I would have got them to dispose of the last piece. I am not a dustbin. I am NOT a dustbin.

There is hardly any guilt associated with my lunch just the knowledge that I don't need that starter... or the left over slice.

Feeling a bit off kilter as i haven't got my full week's plan in place.

I have discovered a great site and I encourage anyone who hasn't been there to give it a whirl. It is It's a tracker's paradise and FREE...

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Scale Junkie on 11/7/09 2:16 am said...

I love sparkpeople! Not only are their food trackers awesome, they have great exercise videos too!

Great job making the pizza compromise with yourself! I've found that delaying eating something often makes the craving go away. I try to plan my menus a week in advance so if I get a craving I add it to the following weeks menu. I re-evaluate at the end of the week and if its no longer a craving, off the list it goes. I've avoided a lot of binges that way. Have a great weekend.

Stella on 12/7/09 12:54 pm said...

Thanks for your really useful post Scale Junkie. That's a really great way to deal with cravings, one which I will take up. Weekly planning too is proving a useful aid.


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