Wednesday, 22 July 2009


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"If you have nothing to lose, you can try everything"

It's shrinking. Yes! My cookies and cream Hershey bar that I ate for breakfast alongside my day old sushi. Sighs.

I put the chocolate in my shopping basket yesterday, assured that I would have the strength to avoid them. I'm sure when I purchased them if you'd have asked me I'd have said I wasn't going to eat the bars. If its a consolation to you they didn't actually taste all that wonderful. I'd have much preferred a Thornton's truffle with cream and chocolate as my small treat.

Chocolate is my one last vice that I have refused to get rid of. I do eat it moderately but I have to be much more careful. I have done some reflecting on why I'm sneaking in little pieces of poor nutrition. It's not about rebelling against stringent measures because I'm actually quite liberal with my menus. I am starting to eat with my emotions a little bit again, due to the change of scenery and my daily routine.

It's a "My chap" night tonight. I have planned for a little rum and diet coke and let's see how the night progresses. Bought a mini convection oven on Monday, as my oven hasn't worked since i moved in over a year ago. I am going to reheat something in the oven for him tonight. I haven't tested it out on my own in case the thing is faulty. I have visions of the oven catching fire and burning down my flat and its environs. Wish me luck with the great reheat!

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Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit on 22/7/09 4:21 pm said...

"If you try everything, chances are you'll have something to lose..."


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