Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Scale Games

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 1:44 pm
"However long the night, the dawn will break"
-African proverb- Hausa Tribe

I never thought I would say this but I'm actually enjoying getting on the scales. A few months ago I banished them altogether claiming that there were other ways to recognise weight loss, such as loose clothes, being able to paint your toenails with ease and so on. However, these measures take too long for someone like me who prefers near instant gratification.

Hence the change. Plus I have a lovely new scale game. I record my weight in pounds to begin with as this records more numbers being dropped off than killograms in my warped head. I only take the lowest weight it registers for me if i'm a pound or so heavier than another weigh in i don't worry i just repeat the lower weight under my breath. I always weigh myself in the morning before I've actually eaten anything. Nor am i recording weekly weigh losses. In my head it seems a way to beat yourself up if you loose one pound less one week.

Newsflash: My weight has dropped to 311lbs today. I'm getting rather excited as one day soon i'll be under the cavernous 300lb mark. Being on the scales makes me accountable; I can't slacken off.

What wharped scale games do you play?

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Losing Waist! on 29/7/09 3:13 pm said...

Great loss!!

I have to stay off the scale except for about every two weeks. A number can ruin my motivation... or rev it up, but my body fluctuates so wildly that I have to be careful.

Jane on 29/7/09 11:31 pm said...

I refuse to have weighing scales in the house. The in-laws have a posh 'see-through' version in their bathroom but I refuse to go on that as well. Yes, Stella, I'm in denial as they say! You sound so happy at the moment, I am very pleased for you xx


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