Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:04 pm

"Opportunities come but do not linger"

I got chatted up today. I closed my front door and headed past the dusty Irish builder who was sitting on a nearby palette having a drink. He asked me how it was going and within two minutes had assertained I live alone but that I do have a boyfriend. It then hit me as I got into my car that he was chatting me up. That or he was casing the joint for a heist.

Of course I was pleasantly delighted as these things happen so rarely but at the same time I had a moment of fear. Would this be what it was like when I was conventionally more attractive to the opposite sex? It has been a saving grace at times not to be noticed by anyone, cosy and safe.

I've finally attatched the chap's picture of myself at Wagamamas. It rather disappointingly does not show me eating noodles with chopsticks and a wooden spoon large enough to be an oar but I do look happy which, reflects my general state of being at the minute. Good job he didn't take a shot of me last night when he whooped my ass at trivial pursuits where I got ALL the American literature questions wrong. Talk about being a bitter loser...

3 delightful comment/s:

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit on 28/7/09 2:35 pm said...

So... do you come to this blog often?

Sorry, my "chatting up" skills are a little rusty...

She-Fit on 28/7/09 6:13 pm said...

Love the pic... sad to not see the noodles and large spoon!

GallusBesom on 28/7/09 10:20 pm said...

Thanks for the link, there are some good articles on there.

Be bold brave and beautiful, it never hurts to keep a chap on his toes!


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